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Screensavers with sound

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Everyone knows about screensavers. Those beautiful images or designs that appear on your computer monitor when you leave them on idle. But plain simple image screensavers are outdated. In screensavers, the most popular ones are the animated screensavers and the screensavers with sound. There are times that before you leave your computer, you start playlist  [ Read More ]

Dolphin Screensavers

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This one is truly designed for true nature lovers. By ‘This”, i mean the beautiful and attractive dolphin backgrounds that provide an aesthetic and acrobatic charm to your desktop screen. They are brilliantly designed and are a must to have. As well all know, dolphins are mammals that live in fresh water oceans and seas and are found all over the world. They are peace loving and rather intelligent animals and wildlife photographers and researchers can’t seem to get enough of them. Even poets have a sense of obsession with them as they are an epitome of the finest things in life, namely, freedom, joy, happiness, charm, agility and compassion.

Moving Screensavers

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3d moving screensavers or non 3d moving screen saver, both are better than static pictures which are simply spread across your monitor. Anyway, screensavers were devised with the purpose of keeping the computer and the monitor alive and prevent the burn on the monitor out that happened if the system remained idle for a long stretch of time. So for these purposes, screensavers were designed as executable programs that kept the system in the working mode, even if you weren’t in the working mode.

3D Screensavers

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Previously computer screens were black and white, with no colours splashed across the screen. The only purpose to use them then was that they reduced human effort or should i say multiplied human effort. One wasn’t really attracted towards it. Then came the era of monochrome screens which had graphics capability but only to the extent that all of it was green, black or white. People who are in their 40s will remember having seen that green dot blinking or the graphs or charts in only continuous green wave. This was the maximum we had in the name of graphics forget image consoles (icons) or 3d screensavers.


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The first screensavers were developed to minimize screen “burn in” on CRT (cathode ray tube) computer monitors similar to television sets. A general slow degradation of the phosphor compound’s capacity to illuminate over time was known but the problem was the accelerated local degradation or “burn in” caused by a static image displayed over a prolonged period of time. This loss of the illumination capacity of the phosphor compound prematurely was the big concern.