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Nature is one important aspect of the world that everyone loves and wants to protect its serenity. The beautiful beaches, deserts, forests, oceans, mountains, sun, moon et al. These bring the sense of beauty and wilderness to the human minds. The nature is endowed with enormous exquisiteness that catches the attention of every soul in the earth. It is the abundance of nature that has enabled the human race to thrive successfully in all its endeavours.

The minute, the word Nature crosses a person’s mind; there are many things that ring a bell. For some , the magnificent beaches engulfs their imagination , and for few it’s the dense forests , for many others it’s the exquisite deserts that forms the volume of their thought process. However, the human imaginations are fuelled with the multitude of nature.

Any person would want to take a nature walk or simply jostle through a waterfalls or spring when given a chance. It’s very natural for any body to simply plunge into the lovely nature and enjoy the sunrise and sunset amidst the mountains and tall trees. The rainbow is yet another miracle of nature that nurtures the fascination of human beings to a large extent.

Any exclusive painting or a picture would have nature as its central theme. With the beauty of the nature in one hand, it’s the preservation of this nature in its original and authentic form is on the other. With the evolution of technology and science, there are many chemical components that degrade and deplete nature’s reservoirs in an alarming level. Thus the awareness to protect this nature is very important and should be in every individual’s mind.

The nature can be admired and adored as it is available, however going to beaches or watching the sunrise and sunset or wishing for the rainbow is not possible in the normal walk of life, for achieving this, one has the computer technology coming in handy. There are millions of screensavers available in various websites for people to choose and apply on their computer or laptop’s screen. These screensavers have all the parts of nature in various forms and animations.

All the users have to do is to simply download them on to their screens and enjoy watching them on the screen every day and every time they wish to see and relish. These screensavers bring in a lot of joy and abundance of happiness to the people’s mind and body. It creates a sense of belongingness to this world and also makes the people aware of the fact that preserving this nature is very vital for generations to come.

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