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3D Screensavers

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Previously computer screens were black and white, with no colours splashed across the screen. The only purpose to use them then was that they reduced human effort or should i say multiplied human effort. One wasn’t really attracted towards it. Then came the era of monochrome screens which had graphics capability but only to the extent that all of it was green, black or white. People who are in their 40s will remember having seen that green dot blinking or the graphs or charts in only continuous green wave. This was the maximum we had in the name of graphics forget image consoles (icons) or 3d screensavers.

As i said, that was the thing of the past. Twenty years and the whole world of computer screen and experience has changed with the advent of Graphic User Interface or the GUI. The screen is filled with more colours than are probably known to an average person. Every possible thing is colored, be it icons, background, images, folders or the screensavers.

The need for screensavers was felt to prevent ‘burning-out’ of the screens when the desktop remained ideal for a long time at a stretch. Those days 3d screensavers were not there and only bare minimum designs and functionalities were available to jazz your screen when you aren’t working. But now, thanks to the persistent innovation in the computer designs and technology, free 3d screen savers of all kinds are available all over the internet. I assume that you have already tried and tested a screensaver or windows icons in three dimensional qualities. And i can bet you are looking for new designer 3d screensavers free download options because best things in life become better if they are free!

The World Wide Web abounds in free 3d screen savers and they are wonderful when it comes to their design and visual appeal. Some of the most famous themes for the screensavers are Windmill, neo-matrix, World Clock, Fireplace, Santa’s Workshop and many more. Among this 3d fireplace screensaver is among the most downloaded screen savers, especially when it was launched.

Some of these 3d screensaver are really cool to look at. some are based on adventurous sports, some celebrate the beauty of the nature, some glitter in the shine of the Hollywood and its Gods and the Goddesses while some are truly spiritual in nature giving the much needed calm to our over wrought minds. Nowadays screensavers are not only animated but are also accompanied by music to enchant us all the more.

But before you download 3d screensaver, keep in mind that it can get really notorious as it is an executable program and can interfere with the normal functioning of your system, apart from hampering its speed.  Not all of them are high on system usage but there aren’t many which are not. So be wise while you download free 3d screen savers.

The available 3D Screensavers are :  3D Dinosaurs ScreenSaver, 3D Falling Leaves ScreenSaver, 3D Fireplace ScreenSaver, 3D Four Seasons ScreenSaver, 3D Penguins ScreenSaver, 3D Spring Blossoms ScreenSaver, Living 3D Butterflies ScreenSaver, 3D Lake Cabin ScreenSaver, Living 3D Dolphins ScreenSaver, Living 3D Fireplace ScreenSaver, Natural Beauty 3D ScreenSaver, Living 3D Sharks Screensaver, 3D Snowy Cottages ScreenSaver, 3D Tropical Sunsets ScreenSaver, Under the Sea 3D ScreenSaver, 3D Volcano ScreenSaver, Santa’s Workshop 3D ScreenSaver, 3D Christmas Cottage ScreenSaver, Christmas Living 3D Fireplace ScreenSaver, My 3D Christmas Tree ScreenSaver and more.

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