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Screensavers with sound

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Everyone knows about screensavers. Those beautiful images or designs that appear on your computer monitor when you leave them on idle. But plain simple image screensavers are outdated. In screensavers, the most popular ones are the animated screensavers and the screensavers with sound. There are times that before you leave your computer, you start playlist of your favorite music songs. But the problem is every time you have to manually start the music player before you leave your desktop. So what if music automatically starts once you leave your desktop? Yes you can now do that by downloading free screensavers with music.

Free music screensavers are easily available on the internet. All you have to do is to search for them on internet search engines. And you will find out that there are thousands of website that offer screensavers with sound. Just imagine a nice high resolution screensaver of a waterfall, but there no soothing real sound of wallpaper. So wouldn’t it be great if you real screen saver sound of a waterfall while screensaver is activated on your computer screen? Nature screensavers with music are the most popular ones, as they bring you real close to experiencing nature while you sit at your home. You can choose from wide range of nature screensavers. From waterfall screensavers to Amazon forest screensaver with their corresponding sounds. You can even choose from various wildlife locations too.

And if you are more into music, you can even choose wallpaper of your favorite music bands. You can have screensaver of Michael Jackson images with his favorite songs playing in the background. Actually Michael Jackson free screensavers with sound are the most popular in that category. You can find screensaver music of all music bands from Bryan Adams to Shakira to Linkin Park.  If you are not happy with default songs that come with screensavers you can customize it yourself. There are many websites that let you select screensaver music of your choice. All you have to do is to select your screensaver image or design that you liked and then select the list of music that is available of those websites. They are few screen saver music applications that let you choose music files from your own computer. Though these screensaver applications won’t be free to download, but they are really worth trying out.

Only problem with screensavers with sound is that they come as executable files. So sometimes you need to be sure that they are not infected with viruses. You just need to scan them once you download them on your computer. You even don’t have to worry about the format of the music files whether they would play on your computer or not. Because, these screensavers with music takes care of the music part as they are embedded in the screensaver itself. All you have to do is to install them on your computer and music would start playing as soon as the screensaver is activated.

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