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The first screensavers were developed to minimize screen “burn in” on CRT (cathode ray tube) computer monitors similar to television sets. A general slow degradation of the phosphor compound’s capacity to illuminate over time was known but the problem was the accelerated local degradation or “burn in” caused by a static image displayed over a prolonged period of time. This loss of the illumination capacity of the phosphor compound prematurely was the big concern.

Then the idea came about for images that moved around on a black background. Amusing images would move around the screen instead of displaying a plain black screen. One example from 1989 was images of flying toasters on a black background. It became very popular and soon every computer monitor had something like it on. The pursuit was on to develop even more amusing, amazing images. The next step in screen savers was animating images instead of static images moving around the screen. They ranged from cartoons to psychedelic patterns and visual effects

As the popularity of computers grew so did screensavers. In the late 1990s computers became main stream and nearly every household, student and workplace had one. That respectively generated thousands of screensavers produced by many developers. Owing to the immense popularity of screensavers, marketers began to use screensavers as one of the internet medium for advertising and market research. The screensaver’s advertised functionality became secondary to the hidden agendas of marketers who are unknown to the end users.

Once there were other purposes that could be manoeuvred through screen savers, the online marketers and advertisers evolved the concept of free screensaver downloads. The download of different types of screensavers was made available for the users at absolutely no cost. This attracted people globally and it was a boom for the screensavers.

There are millions of screensavers that are accessible to users across the world for free downloads. People, in general have various likes and dislikes; hence the screensaver free downloads happen according to the individual’s tastes. Some theories even say that an individual’s mind is understood by the type of screensaver he or she uses. The personality of a person can also be analysed with the type of screensaver that is used on his or her personal system, says further studies on human mind and its relativity to computers.


Therefore, with the increase in the demands of screen savers, the screensaver free downloads have also gained fame, during the past years. Now , the usage of computers and screensavers have become hand in glove operation with the demands of people rising and since the purpose of screensaver usage is also for the good, there is a steep rise in the screensaver free downloads.

Clicking this Download link starts InstallIQ™,it manages your installation. Learn More.

Clicking this Download link starts InstallIQ™,it manages your installation. Learn More.
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