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The first thing you see when your computer loads up is your computer desktop wallpaper. It’s not just wallpaper for your computer, but it gives unique and distinct identity to your computer. It’s something that make you smile; it can be picture of your family members or picture of beautiful scenery that’s refreshes your mind. It’s also something you want to impress your friends with. So we really think a lot before deciding our desktop wallpaper. But desktop wallpapers do not necessarily need to be plain simple image, now you can even have animated desktop wallpapers. Yes, you can find such free desktop wallpapers on the internet.

There are many websites on the internet that let you download desktop wallpapers. These websites have vast range of desktop wallpapers with different categories such as Nature, Cars, Bikes, Celebrities, Cartoons, Wonders of the world, Sports teams, etc. You name it; they will have the desktop wallpaper of your choice on their website. Advantage of downloading desktop wallpapers from these sites is that they have pictures specially to be used as computer desktop wallpapers. What I mean by that is that they have pictures with very high resolution. So that when you apply it your screen, they crisp and sharp no matter how wide is your screen.  And that’s the only disadvantage of using pictures taken by our personal cameras, because these pictures appear blurred and pixilated when you use it as your desktop wallpapers.

With screen sizes increasing and getting wider day by day, one really needs to have high resolution desktop wallpapers that would look really good on their extra wide and large desktops. Other advantage of downloading desktop wallpapers from this websites is that most of the pictures are shot by professional photographers, thus color quality of those pictures are simply amazing and they look really awesome on your computer desktops.

Most of the animated desktop wallpapers are universally compatible with different operating systems such as Windows, Mac or Linux. All you need to know before downloading your free desktop wallpaper is the resolution of your screen monitor. And finding out your monitor resolutions is fairly simple. Just right click on your computer desktop and click on properties. After you click on properties, a new window will open up, over there click on the last tab Settings. Under that settings tab you would find your screen’s resolutions. So accordingly download the free desktop wallpaper that matches the resolution of your computer screen. Once the image is downloaded, all you have to do is to apply it as your current desktop wallpaper.

Animated desktop wallpapers are nothing but images put together artistically using animations softwares like flash or are in GIF format. So you instead of single image desktop wallpaper, with animated wallpapers you can have different set of images changing on your computer desktop automatically. And these animated desktop wallpapers do not have any performance effect on your computer.

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